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Parent Handbook

Milford Chase Marlins Summer Swim Team 2017

Parent Packet

This information packet includes general information regarding the swim team. All important information will be relayed via e-mail, and can also be found on the web site Please check the web site regularly for updates or email

General Information

The Milford Chase Marlins Swim Team is part of the Cobb County Summer Swim League which consists of over seventy teams located at various neighborhood and community pools throughout the county. The season lasts from mid-May to the last of June. The swim team is for children ages 5 – 18, as of May 31st.


There will be evening practices Monday through Friday starting Monday evening, May 14th – practice times while school is in session will be as follows:

7 to 10 year old – 5:30 – 6:30PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

5-6 year olds-5:30-6:30pm Tuesday and Thursday

11 and up – 6:30 – 7:30PM

Morning practices will Monday through Friday and begin Thursday, May 24th at 8:15, 9:15 and 9:45 as soon as Cobb County schools are out. There are no team accommodations for evening practices during the summer, but you may feel free to contract with one of our coaches for additional lessons.

8:15-9:15AM 7-10 Year Old’s

9:15-9:45AM 5-6 Year Old’s

9:45-10:45AM 11-Year-Old and Up


All team info, pictures, ribbons, etc. are sent out either by team email or placed in your family’s folder or ‘Mailbox’ at practice. All emails post to the team website for reference.

Text Message Options

We will use text message service for all parents that are interested. This service will be provided by Remind me, the same system used by the Cobb County School System.

Volunteers Make This Team Possible

ALL FAMILIES are REQUIRED to VOLUNTEER for one half of all 5 meets. It takes about 50 people to run a home meet and 40 for an away meet. With over 200 swimmers at each meet plus families, it is spectacle to behold! If you are unable to meet the requirements please work with the Volunteer Coordinator to make alternative arrangements.

We will not be requiring a volunteer deposit this year, however if you fail to meet volunteer requirements you will be charged $25.00 per occurrence. This will be due at the end of the season.

Meets are divided in 2 halves, events 1- 43 and 44-86. We need for each family to provide one volunteer for 1 half of a meet. Training for volunteer positions will be provided. Please let the coordinators know if you have never worked as a volunteer before and need training. It is all simple and repetitive but essential to the smooth operation of a meet.

Concession Contribution

One way we keep our prices lower than other teams is that we require each family to donate TWO name-brand 12 packs of 12-ounce Coke products) or 24 pack of 12 ounces bottled water or Gatorade

Please see requests below

Last name begins with


H-L-Dt Coke

P-R Sprite

S-V Gatorade


Team Party


Photo Day

Our Team Photo and optional Individual Photos will be taken during part of one team practice.We look for a team-experienced, low-price photographer.We will communicate the date and time via email and our website when we confirm with the photographer.

Swim Meets

There are  5 competitive swim meets on Wednesday nights (between June 1st-June 26th from 5 – 10 pm).We will compete against other teams in the Silver North West division. We are currently scheduled to host two home meets on June 19th and June 26nd. See team website for a more detailed meet schedule.

For home meets, check-in is 4:45 pm, warm-ups start at 5 pm.

For away meets, check-in is 5:15 pm, warm-ups are at 5:30.

The meets start at 6 pm

Inclement Weather

As a precaution, if thunder is heard and/or lightning spotted at a distance, practices and meets will have to be put on hold for up to 20 minutes. PLEASE do not leave until notified by the coach and/or coordinator.

Team Swim Suits

Team suits are not required. Team suits and goggles can now be ordered on our team website.

Equipment – Goggles, Swim Cap and T-shirt

It’s recommended that each swimmer have one or two pairs of quality goggles. Better goggles cost more but last longer. Sports Authority has many options and our coaches know the best brands. If you need help in selecting a pair, ask at your first practice.

We will have some of our ‘Milford Marlins’ swim caps and sell them for $5. These are meant to be used at meets and should last all season or longer if used sparingly. It is your option to purchase your own swim cap for practice. T-shirts are optional.

Meet sign up

Each swimmer may swim up to 3 individual events and 2 relays at each meet. Swimmers will sign up for their choice of individual events during practice, but the coaches will make final decisions based on League regulations. Please let the coaches know in advance if you will not be able to attend certain meets.

Meet Check-in

When checking in, swimmers should look for their event line up in the team mailbox. Swimmers should write their events on their arm or leg with permanent marker so they will remember to go to the starting blocks in time for their events. It also helps the bullpen or lane manager volunteers; in case a swimmer forgets where he/she should go.

Use a sharpie and write the following grid on swimmer’s forearm or leg:

# (event ) H (heat) L (Lane) Stroke

11250 free

For a relay, add the position of the swimmer (1-4)

Swimmers should also have their first and last name CLEARLY written on their shoulder to make it easier for bullpen and lane manager volunteers to find them.

Meets are very fast-paced and very work-intensive. Parents, please help the volunteers by getting your swimmer ready and making sure they go to the area behind the starting blocks 5 events before their race.

Meet Volunteer sign up

Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available during practice and via a volunteer’s email. Sign up for 5 meets. We are trying to make sure everybody works their fair share.

Every parent volunteers. Families that have not worked their required shifts will be assigned to remaining volunteer positions. Please understand that we need everybody to help run the meet.

Volunteer meet check-in

At the day of the meet, volunteers should check-in by 5:30 pm at the coordinator table. Pick up your clipboards, stopwatches, etc. If you are signed up and cannot make it, please let the coordinators know as soon as possible

Starters, Announcers, Timers, Scorers for both halves must attend a referee meeting before the meet at 5:45 pm.

First shift volunteers should be at their assigned posts at least 5-10 minutes before the meet starts.

Second shift volunteers should go to their assigned post by event 40 to make for a smooth transition. Clipboards, stop watches, etc. will have to be handed over without too much interruption. 1st shift volunteers, please do not leave your post until the 2nd shift volunteer arrives! The volunteer coordinators will check to make sure that everybody is there, so please let them know if your replacement isn’t there yet. They will find a replacement, but the meet will have to go on in the meantime.

5-6 Year Old Events

The youngest swimmers complete their events early in the evening and are not required to stay for the remainder of the meet.

Volunteer Job Descriptions for Meets are available at Parent Meetings and practice and will be posted later.

Team Tradition: After each meet many on the team meet at a NEARBY McDonalds. After home meets, we go the one on Austell Rd. across from Wellstar Cobb Hospital. For away meets, please ask the coordinators where we will go after the meet.

Day After Meets ‘Game Day’ Practices: Usually practice the day after the meet will include games (depending on the meet outcome) and snacks. Tuesday will be our fun practice day, and donuts will be available.Swimmers will also find their ribbons from the meet in their mail box.

We appreciate your support of the Milford Chase Marlins swim team!!

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